The 300ET is a small 3G capable tracking system with great Fleet Management tools for monitoring your Employees, Assets, Vehicles and Machinery. It has interactive features like Green Driving (harsh braking, cornering or acceleration) and Overspeed alerts, Authorised iButton driver identification and engine immobilisation.

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Email alerts can be configured to notify you of different events like Engine Hour and Distance Logs, Green Driving Events, Live Overspeed, Low Battery, system health check, Geo Fence Alerts, Fuel Usage and After Hours Usage alerts.

SMS Event Notification

EziTRAK can be configured to send SMS alerts for set Overspeed Events, Intruder Alarm Events*, Green Driving Events, movement, Authorised driving. (*integration with a upgrade alarm or addition sensors)

Overspeed Indicator

Receive Live Overspeed Email Alerts whenever a vehicle exceeds the speed limit on any public road. Instant notification is sent to multiple emails address to helping keep the roads safe for your employees and other road users.

Online/Offline Tracking

Units are capable of Standalone Offline tracking or Live Online real time tracking. EziTRAK can also be configure to automatically send periodic SMS with position information.

Remote Configuration

The units can be remotely configured via SMS for ease and convenience from anywhere in the wold 24/7.

Update Frequency

By default EziTRAK updates it’s live position and tracking data every 20 seconds and can be configured down to as little as 10 seconds. Most competitors only give 1-2 minute updates.

GPS Satellite Tracking Systems and Devices


EziTrak® offers smart, cost effective tracking systems for a variety of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, fleets, plant & equipment. Tell us your needs and we will advise how EziTrak® can help you.

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EziTrak® product development commenced in 1998 at Rojone Pty Ltd. Established in 1981, Rojone is a highly successful Australian electronics manufacturing & supply company to defence, government organisations, telco’s & private professional firms. Unlike other asset tracking devices, Rojone set out to develop a unique, self-monitored asset tracking system that would be cost effective to own & operate without the need for third party monitoring services, with no contracts & no annual monitoring fees. Today, EziTrak® remains the leading self-monitored vehicle tracking system on the market, offering EziTrak®’s unique patented voice menu selection providing 24/7 access from anywhere in the world, while featuring a range of functions such as immediate tamper/theft notification, over speed alerts, low battery, ignition alarms & remote immobilisation. Currently in our third generation model, this mature device is smaller, faster and more reliable than ever making it the ideal covert installation in a huge variety of bikes, cars, trucks, watercraft, and plant & equipment. In recent years, Rojone has invested heavily in the development of a sophisticated, subscription based, satellite real-time Online map display and reporting system. Made available optionally, this subscription service provides small & large customers with Real-time, multiple asset tracking online with fast updates and options for journey reporting for detailed asset management. EziTrak® is proudly designed & manufactured in Australia. It is sold & installed Australia wide, with many thousands of units exported to the UK, Ireland & the USA.

Why People like us?

Rojone and EziTrak® are proud to once again support Team Tonka Toys in the 2013 Shitbox Rally, as they raise money for The Cancer Council.

This year’s rally, running from May 4 to May 10, 2013, will see the teams trekking through the centre of Australia starting from Adelaide, via Uluru, to Fremantle. As a GPS Security and Tracking System, EziTrak® is an ideal sponsor of the Team Tonka Toys vehicle and will be used by the team to track their progress.

New EziTrak® Nano Mobile Personal GPS location & tracking system, LIVE!

This year’s Civil Engineering Exhibition(CIVENEX) is now only two weeks away – We will be there demonstrating EziTrak’s range of products & services, including the new EziTrak® Nano Mobile Personal GPS location & tracking system, LIVE! CIVENEX is Australia’s Premier Exhibition for Civil Works, Construction, Infrastructure and Open Space Management. It is held annually at the Western Sydney Dragway, Eastern Creek, and entry is free.

EziTrak® NANO MOBILE is a low cost high performance Personnel Tracking System ideal for remote and field workers. It is a small, durable, reliable real time tracking device with fast acquisition and update rates. It features man-down detection, SOS notification, auto vehicle connection detection and logging. EziTrak® NANO MOBILE is versatile and can be used as a tracker in any vehicle or for personal use. Simply plug the unit into a vehicle cigarette lighter and details of each journey undertaken by that vehicle will be recorded including street address, speed, heading and duration of journey. For personal use, the unit is placed in the Belt Cradle and worn by the user as he goes about his duties. EziTrak® NANO MOBILE is small and lightweight (111x60x16mm, 100g) and can be worn by personnel in the field or working remotely. A RED Panic Button can be used to signal an Emergency situation. This feature allows the user to send out an alarm on demand at the press of a button. An alarm SMS can be sent to any programmed phone number which contains ID, Status, Street Address, Date and Time. The unit also sends out the Emergency Event to the website. The unit can detect its own orientation, allowing the unit to send out an alarm if the user is lying down in a horizontal position. An alarm SMS can be sent to any programmed phone number which contains ID, Status, Street Address, Date and Time. The unit also sends out the Emergency Event to the website. The EziTrak® NANO MOBILE tracking device uses the GSM Cellular Mobile Phone Network for communication and GPS (Global Positioning System) for precise position, time and speed information. Employing both these technologies gives the EziTrak® NANO MOBILE the broadest coverage capabilities. With its built-in Black Box Recorder, the unit will record GPS and Event information in case there is NO Network signal present. The Black Box Recorder provides the server with Email Data to compile Journey Reports. EziTrak® NANO MOBILE offers security, control, GPS tracking and emergency notification for a single one-off cost for vehicles and personnel. EziTrak® products are designed and manufactured in Australia by Rojone Pty. Limited, a privately owned company established in 1981. Rojone is a leading supplier to the Australian military and telecommunications industries.

Real Time GPS Trackers and Devices for cars, motorcycles, boats, fleets and equipment


EziTrak tracking system helped SAF

EziTrak® was instrumental in the recovery of an excavator recently taken from a Sydney depot. The excavator was stored at a depot in south-west Sydney when it’s owner was notified via the EziTrak® unit installed in it that it had been moved without permission. EziTrak® notifies the vehicle owner within seconds if the vehicle is started, tampered with or moved without EziTrak® first being disarmed. Using the GPS real-time mapping function on EziTrak®, SAF Enterprises Pty Ltd were able to locate the vehicle and help in it’s recovery. SAF Enterprises Pty Ltd specialise in the supply, installation and support of tracking systems for all types of vehicles. The owner of the excavator was more than satisfied that EziTrak® and SAF Enterprises Pty Ltd had been able to locate and recover this expensive piece of machinery quickly.

EziTrak tracking solution for JR Electrical

In January 2011, Sydney-based JR Electrical had an excavator stolen from a locked yard. Fortunately for JR Electrical, the excavator was fitted with an EziTrak® GPS Security & Tracking System. Using the GPRS in the EziTrak®, the smart people at Rojone (who manufacture EziTrak®) were able to track the missing excavator via online real-time mapping. Many months passed with no activity from the excavator. JR Electrical was eventually paid out by their insurer for the excavator but not the trailer that was attached to it. Even with the insurance money, JR Electrical were still out of pocket and inconvenienced with a significant impact on their business. Then in July, 6 months after it had been stolen, the excavator made contact! As soon as the ignition on the excavator was turned on, the EziTrak® was automatically re-activated, pinged the server and it’s current location shown. It appeared on the EziTrak® live tracking system as being north of Sydney near Port Macquarie. The police were contacted who immediately sent a patrol car to the location and identified the excavator as stolen and belonging to JR Electrical. So 6 months after the theft, EziTrak® helped JR Electrical get their excavator back and making money again for their business.