EziTrak® offers smart, cost effective tracking systems for a variety of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, fleets, plant & equipment. Tell us your needs and we will advise how EziTrak® can help you. EziTrak® offers all the tracking features found in other trackers, however, our point of difference is EziTrak® requires no contracts or monitoring fees for basic operation. Once purchased, you own the device outright. Owners provide a SIM at the time of installation, on a plan or a prepaid SIM, from your preferred carrier. You program the SMS alert to a designated mobile & you are ready to go. Free vehicle location is done by requesting the EziTrak®’s location by SMS; with the GPS co-ordinates provided & our free map you can locate your vehicle any time and as often as you like. Optionally, affordable online real-time tracking and reporting is available to all our clients for less than 55 cents per day per unit, billed per vehicle annually. Web services can be established at any time, providing live tracking and reporting features at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems. Units can also be upgraded to include individual ID tags for drivers, where the vehicle is immobilised unless the correct ID tag is used and the driver is logged into the system.

Quality Statement

EziTrak® ia part of Rojone Pty. Limited has adopted the policy of total quality management in it’s supply system. It will only supply products that will meet it’s customers required quality standard at the date of supply and throughout the product life period. It is imperative that all staff are aware of this policy and be motivated by management to comply with the policy with the highest level of professionalism. This will ensure optimum courtesy, service reliability, efficiency and speed in handling any customer request our staff members receive. All staff endeavour to maintain and improve the reputation of Rojone as one of the industries most reliable and efficient supply organisations. It is the responsibility of all managerial personal to implement the Quality Policy and assure it’s maintenance at all levels. Rojone Pty. Limited sets it’s minimum service standard as ISO9000, although we will supply and comply with specifications specifically requested by customers.