The 300ET is a small 3G capable tracking system with great Fleet Management tools for monitoring your Employees, Assets, Vehicles and Machinery. It has interactive features like Green Driving (harsh braking, cornering or acceleration) and Overspeed alerts, Authorised iButton driver identification and engine immobilisation. Having only 6 wires makes this terminal’s installation easy and you won’t have unwanted wires in your car that are not used. 3G/GSM module allows transfer of upload data to the server faster and gets a wider GSM coverage across the country to make it reliably track in more places. As it works in two different positioning systems (GPS and GLONAS),the 300ET module uses more satellites to determine accurate and reliable coordinates. This module also recovers GPS fix very quickly after it is lost, when the vehicle enters and exits tunnels or underground parking for example the 300ET can be configured via SMS; all you need to do is simply send your required configuration via SMS from your phone. Security features can be added and integrated to the 300ET with additional sensors or upgrade alarm systems.


Email alerts can be configured to notify you of different events like Engine Hour and Distance Logs, Green Driving Events, Live Overspeed, Low Battery, system health check, Geo Fence Alerts, Fuel Usage and After Hours Usage alerts.

SMS Event Notification

EziTRAK can be configured to send SMS alerts for set Overspeed Events, Intruder Alarm Events*, Green Driving Events, movement, Authorised driving. (*integration with a upgrade alarm or addition sensors)

Overspeed Indicator

Receive Live Overspeed Email Alerts whenever a vehicle exceeds the speed limit on any public road. Instant notification is sent to multiple emails address to helping keep the roads safe for your employees and other road users.

Online/Offline Tracking

Units are capable of Standalone Offline tracking or Live Online real time tracking. EziTRAK can also be configure to automatically send periodic SMS with position information.

Remote Configuration

The units can be remotely configured via SMS for ease and convenience from anywhere in the wold 24/7.

Update Frequency

By default EziTRAK updates it’s live position and tracking data every 20 seconds and can be configured down to as little as 10 seconds. Most competitors only give 1-2 minute updates.

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More About 300ET

The 300ET is a small and easily installed 3G capable AVL unit. The 2 input/output hardware configurations let you choose the option best for your applications. The 300ET makes installation easier without unwanted and unnecessary wires in your vehicle. The 300ET takes advantage of the wide coverage of the 3G network for the most reliable live tracking experiences; it even reverts back to 2G if 3G is unavailable. Data logged in non-reception areas is recorded and stored on the internal blackbox to be transmitted to the EziTrak® server when coverage becomes available. The log can store 10 hours in its internal memory but can easily be extended with a simple SMS command. An integrated GNSS module gives high coordinate accuracy. As it works with two different positioning systems (GPS and GLONASS), the 300ET module uses more satellites to determine accurate and reliable coordinates. This module also recovers GPS lock very quickly after it is lost, such as when a vehicle enters and exits a tunnel or underground parking. The 300ET can be configured via SMS, eliminating the need to return to your car and connect to the device directly if configuration changes are needed. All you need to do is simply send your required configuration via SMS or call our friendly EziTrak® staff to configure the unit for you; this can be done even when the car is moving. That way, the 300ET can be configured and tailored to your application anywhere in the world 24/7. The 300ET also supports OTA firmware updates, so you can easily update the newest firmware version without having to physically access your unit in the vehicle.

More Highlights


Can be used without a live tracking server connection in Standalone mode. The unit can be contacted and controlled via SMS. Also available are one off historical reports for vehicle movements and events; ideal in case of theft or accidents for additional information on vehicle journeys.

Data handling

Possible to disable data sending while in Roaming and to store data on internal flash memory. Stored data will be sent to the server when 300ET connects to the home operator.


Over 10 hours of continuous log and all I/O elements enabled can be stored on internal flash memory from the default settings. The unit can be configured to hold up to 120 days of log if needed.

Easy Mounting & Configuring

With external antennas, the unit can be fitted in hard to reach locations in the vehicle and antennas can be run to an optimal position for best reception.